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Harvests 2010 by Xavier

“For us, harvests were almost ideal. Compared to last year, there was no lack of water that’s why red and white grape varieties augured well. Sauvignon and Gamay were a little bit more tannic.

Finally, Cabernets were less extraordinay than we supposed to. Alcoholic maturity was ok but we never reached the phenolic one… Indeed, 50mm of rain later, Couic! Couic! We were forced into harvesting in a hurry in order to avoid rot which was about to turn up. Cabernet are good quality but we were looking for the same quality as 2005…

On the other hand, nobble-roted wine character are fabulous! A high speed of sugar concentration even if we never cultivate such a wide vineyard and we never finished harvesting so early. Concentration and minerality are the words that best describe this vintage. More than half of our Aubance’s production is up to 22° degrees of potential alcohol.” by Xavier