Above all, Domaine de Montgilet is a family story: from 3 years old to 75, everyone has his job to do! Soils’ diversity and richness give us the opportunity to produce a large range of wines: to each soil, a style of wine, to each wine, its soil..! From each gulp, discover our savoir-faire and prick up your ears : our wines will confide secrets of their origin to you…!


We are very pleased to present you with our wide range of wines: as many wines as different soils that we direct with our savoir-faire..! Some rosé of Cabernet d'Anjou, some red Anjou Gamay, some Coteaux de l'Aubance...!

Our red wines Our white wines Our rosés

Any Domaine de Montgilet's wines for dinner?

You could find our wines in lots of cellars... in France! Find the complete outlets here. We are distributed in some foreign countries, please contact us for more details. And in anycase, be sure that we will never let you lack of our wines finding a solution to send you some!!