Grapes bunches are beautiful and numerous in the beginning of this summer, which let appears smiles on our faces… But we are never sure, we are still following the good willing of « Mother Nature ».

After an optimal flowering, we are allowed to think that the harvest will be normal. We will avoid unpredictible out of stock at the end of the year, due to the last three vintages and we will be happy to satisfy all your request. The heat during summer days which contrasts with fresh summer nights have always made vintage generous on the fruit.

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We will be at Vinexpo Bordeaux in few days with our association of winegrowers, Terroirs Associés.

See you very soon!

Victor, Vincent and the team

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Xavier and Victor share their views on these firts months of the year :

« April is remarkably mild that’s why we have very early budburst. As a consequence, we would face two kind of problems :

  • until the beginning of May, we are very afraid of frozen in the end of the night that would ruin a part of the the crop
  • the end of winter and the beginning of spring were very dry : water stocks are low so the vine would lack of water during its growth…

The moral of all of this : as all cultivations, vine is very dependant on Mother Nature, our best quality is patience…. »

See you soon for new stories!

  • the 21st of May

Au Bon Coteau, 23 place de la République 63 500 Issoire, 04 73 55 19 57

Cavavin Perais, rue Marcel Quercia 35600 Redon, 02 99 71 25 62

  • the 28th of May

VitiLoire, Place de la gare à Tours, 02 47 21 67 18, ????

La Cave, 73 avenue Robert Bron 53000 Laval, 02 43 56 45 05

  • the 29th of May

??VitiLoire, Place de la gare à Tours, 02 47 21 67 18,

  • the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June

Le cellier du Goëlo, 2 rue de l’église 22500 Paimpol, 02 96 20 48 27,

  • the 10th and 11th of June

Felvin, 140 rue des plages 22560 Tréberden, 02 96 23 67 40

N’hésitez pas à venir nous rendre visite!

What a party!! 80 wine professionals were present : tasting, apéritif, friendly diner, while a harpist was playing music on the top of one of our tanks!

We have invited our wine growers’ friends from Terroirs Associés  ( This is an association that  brings together familial estates  from all over France. They were here to present our guests their grape nectars. It aims at discovering new wines, at spending good times all together, and why not drink scarce wines (old vintages), exchange  with our customers, while eating some specialities from Angers. In short, nothing painful, only pleasure!

We thank our guests for being with us this evening and we hope that they had the same pleasure as us! Thank you!

Let’s make a date for next year at the Salon des Vins de Loire, and why not the opportunity for another surprise…!

Come and visit us on stand J 238!

On Sunday the 30th, we will organize a « special » tasting with our friends of Terroirs Associés ( A diner will follow the tasting. Ask for more details!

See you soon!

« For us, harvests were almost ideal. Compared to last year, there was no lack of water that’s why red and white grape varieties augured well. Sauvignon and Gamay were a little bit more tannic.

Finally, Cabernets were less extraordinay than we supposed to. Alcoholic maturity was ok but we never reached the phenolic one… Indeed, 50mm of rain later, Couic! Couic! We were forced into harvesting in a hurry in order to avoid rot which was about to turn up. Cabernet are good quality but we were looking for the same quality as 2005…

On the other hand, nobble-roted wine character are fabulous! A high speed of sugar concentration even if we never cultivate such a wide vineyard and we never finished harvesting so early. Concentration and minerality are the words that best describe this vintage. More than half of our Aubance’s production is up to 22° degrees of potential alcohol. » by Xavier