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Anjou Villages Brissac 2008

  • Appellation :        ANJOU VILLAGES BRISSAC
  • Nom de la cuvée : « Les Yvonnais »                       « L’Encère »
  • Vintage :                    2008                                                                  2008
  • Grappes :                   100% cabernet franc                                         50% cabernet franc et 50% cabernet sauvignon
  • Terroir :                    Clay on grey schists                                           Clay on blue schist No alterate
  • Age of  wine :            49 years old                                                      42 years old
  • Vineyard :                  Same work than the other Anjou Villages Brissac.
  • Winemaking:              No addition of yeast for the fermentation of musts. Manual vintage, éraflée and sorted on a mobile plate at the cellar. The macerations are led out of tanks stainless with control of the temperatures of fermentation enters 22 and 24°C. The duration of maceration varies from 15 to 30 days according to quality of the raw material but always in the research of the best balance. The topping up are done with the pump or by the injection of filtered compressed air. For these vintages, the wines are past out of barrels at the time of the racking. In this case, malo- lactic fermentations are done in  barrels. After fermentations, the aging continues in Barrels the blending between barrels are determined at the end of the spring which follows harvest: the wines left if necessary to continue the  ferments some before the bottling.
  • Aging :                       Aged in barrel for 12 months. We have 1/3 of barrels of a wine, 1/3 of two wines and the last third of 3 wines. Our will to vinify in barrel, is not to extract the tannin from wood but to reach the natural oxidation of the tannins by the barrel with those of the cabernet in order to round these Anjou Brissac Villages of it. The tannins are rounded and bring greediness to these Anjou Villages Brissac.
  • Analys :                     Alc. 12.19, AT 3.87, pH 3.63                               Alc. 12.18%, AT 4.17, pH 3.
  • Tasting note :            Complex wine with the concentrated spice and ripe black bay flavours which of share its tannins fine remains long stops some and flexible with the palate.
  • Dish and Wine :         dishes containing game or of red meats, cheese plate…