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Our rosé


This name was recognized in 1974 for a type of dry rosy wine, worked out with at least 30% of frank Cabernet and/or Sauvignon, associated or not the type of vines Grolleau, Gamay, Côt and Pineau d’ Aunis. The rosé de Loire thus are very marked by the character of the type of vines which compose them as by the soils where they are produced. One finds as well wines light as more constructed wines.

They are in general brilliant, light and very refreshing wines, dominated on the aromatic level by fruity notes.

Basic yields: 60 hl/ha.

Localization: 750 hectares for approximately 45 000 hectolitres produced annually.


Appeared at the beginning of the century, the AOC goes back to 1936, this wine charmer was a bright success in frivolous Paris of the beautiful time. They result exclusively from the type of vines Cabernets (franc or sauvignon).
They are dry wines half (minimum residual sugar: 10 G per liter), which takes into growing old a more constant nuance. They develop raspberry flavours. The great years support a long guard.

Localization: 2600 hectares in surface AOC Cabernet Anjou.

Basic yields of the AOC: 55hl/ha