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Coteaux de l’Aubance “Les Trois Schistes” 2009

  • Appellation :        COTEAUX DE L’AUBANCE
  • Name of the wine : « Les Trois Schistes »
  • Vintage :              2009
  • Grappes :            100% chenin
  • Terroir :             This wine comes from the three terroir of Aubance
  • Winemaking :       The 3 schistes is the result of several selection picked on the three noble terroir of our estate. The roted harvest had a potential in alcohol of 22.7% on the vine. The bunches or the part of bunches, have been hand picked in 25 kg bucket, in order to avoid every alteration. The press is slow and long , we don’t add enzyme, sugar, or yeast. This wine has made its fermentation in oak barrel.
  • Aging :                Oak barrel aged from 2 to 6 years old.
  • Analys :               Alc. 11, AT 4.02, pH 3.56, residual sugar : 167.6 grs/l
  • Tasting note :      In its youth, this wine shows a yellow colour with gold reflect. , this wine offers all a rich bouquet of fruit. Marmalade of quince, apricot, passion fruit, and pine apple, then in mouth we remark a honey touch, and citrus.  This wine is a perfect expression of the terroir  all in elegance, freshness, mellow, and delicate in mouth, are the mains characteristics of the 3 schistes. A perfect balance between, sweetness, acidity, and vivacity. This wine could age a very long time.
  • Dish and wine :     Served between 10 to 12 degrees before lunch or with different dish as :  grease liver, apple pie, apricot pie…